Stay At Home, Order Online

Are you interested in purchasing a new vehicle, or are you looking for information on a particular make or model that you’re considering? Do you like the look of a second hand Volvo S60 being sold at you local garage, but not sure if the price is fair?

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Has the time come to pay for one of your annual driving expenses, for example road tax, insurance or an MOT and service?

If the answer to these questions was yes, say ten or fifteen years ago, the process may have been a long and drawn out one. However, all of that has changed in recent times and practically everything can now be done online from the comfort of your own home.

We conducted some in depth research into the online automotive market to see just how easy and quick some of these sites were to use. There are many industry specific ones that just cover used vehicles or car insurance for example, although some websites were a lot broader in the sections they covered. One of these was

It was one of the few sites we came across with a comprehensive section on new vehicles – most sites covering current models were manufacturer websites. The detailed information includes engine specifications, prices, MPG data and fuel economy for each derivative of each model. There is also the option to request a quote or a brochure for a vehicle, both of which are completely free to do, at the click of a button.

Without doubt one of the most competitive automotive online markets is the used car one. With the current economic climate of the UK in a state of recession, people have less and less disposable income and so used vehicles become a more attractive proposition and you can find almost anything now with the rise of the internet whether it be a second hand Citroen C4. On there are many different models listed, both by dealers and by private individuals. The search can be as simple as a make and model, or can be advanced if a user enters engine sizes or price limits for example.

Of course one of the great benefits of buying products online, apart from the fact that it is incredibly convenient, is that you will often discover better deals on what you are looking for. One area where most people would not have thought about saving however is on an MOT or service for their vehicle, whether that might be a Mercedes C-Class MOT or a Toyota Yaris MOT. Well with the comparison service on that is exactly what you can do, enter the make and model of your vehicle as well as your postcode to see a list of garages in your area along with their relevant prices.

partsAnother competitive market is replacement car parts. Suppliers are constantly in battle over sales, but again the internet makes it a lot easier for the customer to get the best deal. By filling in the online form with the part they need, their information is sent off to hundreds of brokers across the UK who will reply with quotes via email in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, leasing is becoming an increasingly popular way for motorists to pay for their vehicles. It allows people to drive brand new cars without paying a large initial fee, and gives them the option to change vehicle every few years. Again, the online form on is a simple one to fill in once you have chosen the model you’re interested in, and this information is sent to UK lease brokers who will reply via email with quotes.