Fiat Punto

In the past buying a Fiat meant settling for inferior quality and performance. Recent years have seen the firm step up in terms of quality and performance. The Fiat Punto is an example of that increase in quality.

The Punto has received exterior and interior design enhancements aimed at giving the car a more modern look and feel. The Punto actually has a good reputation and is often viewed as being one of the better built superminis.

The car has received enhancements to its headlights, rear-end and under bumper grille. Some argue whether or not these changes made the Punto look better or just different.

The Punto comes with a choice of engines; the1.2-litre petrol engine which sometimes feels underpowered, the 1.4 unit which performs quite well, the 75bhp 1.3-litre diesel needs to be worked hard, and the 90bhp 1.3 which tends to lag. The car’s build quality has been much improved and potential buyers may be shocked by all of the changes the Punto has undergone.

The Punto will likely have low resale values but should be an enjoyable and economical car to own and operate. Even critics of the car’s exterior design will have a hard time arguing against the car’s good build quality and sound mechanicals.


The Punto is an inexpensive car to purchase. It delivers good fuel economy and low insurance rates. Running costs should also be low, but unfortunately so will resale values.

The car provides an adequate amount of cabin space for all passengers. Due to the car’s size space is limited but should be adequate for most average size passengers. Boot space is also good for a car of this size.

The car’s controls and dials are somewhat of a disappointment. They are comprised of plastics that are inferior to most competitors. This may put some buyers off. They are all functional and work well but quality could have been better.

The car provides good levels of comfort. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and road and engine noise are low. The car is easy to drive and provides good levels of passenger comfort.

The car’s cabin is easily accessible, thanks to the cars doors. The doors open wide enough to allow easy access to the car’s seats. The boot is also easily accessible and access shouldn’t be a problem.

The car may be a little difficult to park due to limited rear visibility. The car’s side mirrors and smaller size help out a lot when it comes to parking.

Fiat Punto

Life Style

All of the engines on offer are good, but the Fiat Punto does lack something as far as drive experience is concerned. Punto may have improved its ride but isn’t as good as some competitors. The Punto does boast sharp handling and good grip though.

The Punto could be used as a family car to a small family. Passenger space is adequate and the car’s boot is a sensible size. It may make a better second car to a family.

The Punto would make an excellent first car. It provides good levels of cabin space and is still small and affordable. Insurance rates will be low and fuel economy should be very good. The Punto is easy to drive and would make an excellent first car.

The car offers an attractive exterior design. Fiat has often been associated with cheaper products and it will have a difficult time losing that image, the Punto’s cabin has been designed with cheap plastics.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard security feature includes an engine immobilizer. As shocking as it is, deadbolts do not come as standard fit on the Punto.

The car comes equipped standard with driver and passenger airbags which vary their deployment according to the severity of the impact. The Punto has received a five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio/CD player. The unit delivers good sound quality and helps to drown out the noise from the engine. The unit’s controls are large and easy to work.

The car comes with a high standard of equipment. The car boasts electric front windows, remote locking, a CD player, follow-me-home lights, anti-lock brakes with EBD and ISOFIX child-seat mounting points. Only Dynamic trim receives air-conditioning.


The Punto delivers good value for money and would make an excellent second vehicle or first car. The Fiat has been designed for passenger comfort and offers decent performance and economy. Buyers get a good deal for the asking price.