Ford Fusion

Ford has always been known for its ability to produce practical reliable cars, but Ford has also run up against steep competition in recent years. Faced with a decision the conservative company decided to step up the pace with the Fusion. Ford was hoping that the unique features of the Fusion would allow the company to compete more effectively in the super mini market.

The Fusion’s chunky new body style was meant to attract a younger crowd. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to lure the young buyers away from the popular compact 4X4’s and city cars. The Ford badge did not register with the targeted market as trendy and hip enough to beat out the competition.

The funny thing is that the car’s unique features such as its raised stance and estate-like rear, reliability, and affordability have attracted buyers from the opposite end of the age scale.  It has many practical offerings and its attractive appearance is an additional bonus.

The Ford Fusion handles well and is a lot of fun to drive. The cabin is spacious enough to adequately accommodate a small family, and since the car has been enhanced cabin materials are of a better quality and make the car even more appealing.

Ford Fusion


The Fusion is a decently priced Ford and running costs and insurance should be low. The diesel alternative probably won’t provide a significant day-to-day saving, but the diesel option definitely provides excellent performance benefits.

The Fusion is more practical than a hatchback for everyday use. The rear seats fold flat to allow for extra van-like cargo space. Front passengers should be very comfortable with adequate room and comfortable seating. There are also several cubbies located throughout the cabin for storage of miscellaneous items.

The Fusions main dials and controls are simple to use and large enough to read and operate easily. The stereo’s basic functions are mounted on the steering wheel for convenience, and the steering wheel also adjusts for comfort and convenience.

The car’s cabin can adequately accommodate four average sized adults in reasonable comfort. Road and engine noise is kept to a minimal, and the car’s raised height increases cabin accessibility.

The car is easily accessible due partly to the car’s raised height which allows passengers to slide easily into and out of the seats. The car’s large front doors also contribute to the car’s accessibility. Rear doors are also adequate for easy accessibility, but are smaller than the front doors. The cars load lip is at a decent height, and the tailgate is functional and light and provides good access to the car’s boot.

The Fusion is not a difficult car to park. Visibility is good, and the car’s unique shape makes judging distance a simple task. The car’s lightweight steering and large side mirrors make parking the Fusion a trouble-free event.

Life Style

The Fusion was not designed to be a fast car, but the car’s underpinnings make it a fun car to drive. Handling and grip are excellent and steering is well balanced and responsive at both high and low speeds. All engines offered with the Fusion are good quality and perform almost equally as well.

The Fusion could be used as a family vehicle. It has plenty of cabin space for a small family, and enough boot space to accommodate most family related packages. There are many optional extras that could be included that make the Fusion even more family friendly. Like a drop down DVD system.

The Fusion would be a good first car for new drivers who are seeking more cabin space than that which is found in traditional superminis. The Ford Fusion is easy to drive and thanks to an elevated drive position visibility is good and makes parking easy, even for the least experienced driver. Running costs and insurance is low and the Fusion should return good fuel economy.

Ford used to have a practical but kind of stale public image, but thanks to its latest models the company’s image is getting a much needed and well deserved boost. Cabin plastics look and feel good, and the car boasts high levels of equipment, making the Fusion an all around quality product.

Security and Safety

The Fusion is not an expensive car and is not likely to be a high on a thieves target list. The car does come equipped standard with a remote central locking device and an engine immobilizer system.

The Fusion’s standard safety package includes airbags and anti-lock brakes. The car is not sporty or fast and has not been equipped with more safety options.

The Finishing Touches

The Fusion comes equipped with a basic stereo unit that includes a remote control cluster, and boasts really good sound quality. There are many optional add-ons that include a CD changer, a flip down screen, and a DVD player.

The Fusion looks excellent in bright exterior colors. The brighter colors tend to add an element of fun to the mature looking vehicle. The cabin’s interior is comprised of mostly dark colors and the fabric seats seem to look like they belong more in this vehicle. The leather seat options look a little too high class and out of place in the Fusion.


Despite Ford’s unfortunate shortsightedness in marketing the Fusion to the younger generation luck prevailed and the Fusion did really well with the more mature buyers. Even for those who are not crazy about the Ford Company or brand it is hard to deny the car judged solely on its own merit and quality.