Kia Picanto

Kia’s Picanto is one of the very best city cars available. It’s economical and provides a decent ride, not to mention that its really fun to drive.

Kia Picanto

Kia has a reputation for being a value-for-money manufacturer. With recent models such as the Kia Venga, kia has upped the bar and have produced much better quality vehicles and still managed to offer them at competitively low prices. The Picanto raises the bar even higher for the company and not only offers buyers more but is actually better than most of its rivals.

To top it off the Picanto has an attractive exterior that is bound to catch buyers’ attention. The Picanto has compact dimensions and comes in a selection of vibrant colours. The car’s  commitment to fun continues inside, with coloured inserts to the upholstery. The Picanto delivers a build quality equal to that of its rivals and delivers a fun ride as well.

Five doors come as standard, and despite a modest 1.1-litre engine, the Kia has sharp steering and handles very well.

The Picanto is inexpensive to purchase and run, and is mechanically sound and should prove to be reliable, as well as cost efficient.


The Picanto is an inexpensive car that provides excellent value for money. Insurance rates are low and fuel economy will be good.

Cabin space is good especially for a car in this class. The boot is small but quite capable of accommodating several shopping bags, and the rear seats can be folded down to create a larger storage area.

The cars controls and dials are simple to use and easy to understand. The controls and dials are tilted slightly toward the driver.

The car provides a comfortable ride. The seats are supportive and comfortable, and cabin space is good. Headroom is also good for both front and rear passengers. At low speeds the engine(s) are quiet but as speed increases so does the amount of engine noise that filters into the cabin.

The cabin is highly accessible. The car’s five large doors ensure easy accessibility. The boot door lifts easily so gaining access to the car’s boot is easy as well.

The Picanto is a very easy car to park. The car’s small size helps, but the car also provides great all around visibility. The car’s power steering helps a lot too.

Life Style

The Picanto provides a dcent driving experience for a car in its class. The car boasts sharp steering and stability. Acceleration could be better but other than that the car provides a very satisfactory driving experience.

This car is way too small to be a family car. It could easily be used as a second car to a family, or a commuter car used to save on fuel expenses.

The Picanto would make an excellent choice for first time car buyers. It comes with a low purchase price and low running costs. The exterior is attractive, bright, and colorful. The car’s personality would be appealing to many newly licensed drivers. Not to mention the excellent gas mileage and low insurance rates would be very attractive as well. The car is easy to drive and maneuver and a novice driver wouldn’t have any trouble parking the Picanto either.

The Kia badge is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the Picanto and other attractive models such as the Sportage. The Korean company is definitely on the rise as far as producing a better quality of vehicles. The Picanto is cute and will probably be a popular choice among female buyers.

Security and Safety

The Picantos comes standard with an engine immobiliser and a security window etching. Picantos are unlikely to be stolen and shouldn’t need additional security features.

The Picanto has respectable safety features. All models come standard with ABS, EBD, driver and passenger airbags, childproof rear door locks, and Isofix child seat mounting and three point seatbelts.

The Finishing Touches

The car comes with a standard stereo with a CD player and MP3 player. The sound quality is not the best and the controls are difficult to work while driving, but the standard unit is better than what most of the competitors are offering.

Five different body colours are available. They are all fun and all of them are bold. Bold colors accentuate the car’s design and appeal to girls who like the fun look. The car comes with a choice of three different interior colors. Considering the price, the amount of kit Kia is offering is very impressive. Even the GS model has central locking, body coloured bumpers, front electric windows and tinted glass.


The Picanto upholds Kia’s long time tradition of affordable vehicles they also have a great warranty that you can capitalise on even if you buy a second hand Kia Picanto. The difference is that the Picanto displays the company’s more recent commitment to quality as well as affordable vehicles. The car is cute, fun, and full of spirit.