Peugeot 107

Peugeot’s well-known for their small cars, and the company has done really well in the supermini sector. The Peugeot is another small car, but it is a very unique one on the inside.

Small cars have taken a back burner in recent years as larger cars have tended to rule the day. Car’s have continued to grow and provide more room for comfort and storage, but in the midst of all the growth parking spaces have maintained their size for the most part, and it has become increasingly difficult to park the over-sized vehicles.

There are several company’s who have been trying to reverse the trend and they have introduced practically sized vehicles, among these is the Peugeot 107. There are several competitors who have a similar car with a few minor differences. Peugeot’s 107 seems to be somewhere in the middle price wise.

The 107 offers as much space as the others and seems to be just as fuel efficient. The car drives well and boasts a decent amount o kit as well. The 107 is an attractive little car that is really fun to drive. Many buyers will have a difficult time choosing between the 107 and the other styles of the competition.


The 107 is not the most expensive car in this sector, and it is not the least expensive car in this sector either. It’s somewhere toward the middle as far as price is concerned. The car should get decent gas mileage, and low insurance rates. Given the decent level of standard specification the car should return good value for money.

Cabin space is adequate for front seat passengers, but rear passengers will enjoy much more limited space. The boot is small with a high load lip, but the back seats split and fold allowing for more cargo space. Rear passengers should be fine on shorter journeys, but will become cramped on longer trips.

The car’s controls and dials are very simple and basic. Most of the controls have a quality feel, but a few feel less up to par. The car’s controls are large and easy to use.

The 107 delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. Engine and road noise get louder the faster the car goes. The front is quite comfortable with sufficient head and legroom. The rear seats are good for smaller passengers or children.

Access to the fron seats is good. Large door apertures, and a high seating position allow front seat passengers to slide right in. Rear access is somewhat more limited than the front and is best suited for children who can easily climb in.

The car’s small size helps when it comes to parking. Rear visibility is limited, but the car’s elevated drive position and light steering help out a lot when it comes to parking the 107.

Peugeot 107

Life Style

The car delivers a decent driving experience around town. The cars steering is direct and shifting is light. The engine is rather loud though and sounds best when driven at motorway speeds.

This car is way too small to be a practical family car. The 107 can be used as a second car to a family, or as a commuter car. Limited space limits its use as a primary family vehicle.

This would make a great first car. The car is not too powerful and is just the right size for new drivers to navigate. The car is fuel efficient, and insurance rates are low. This car is a perfect first car.

This is not a high quality car. The cabin’s interior is comprised of mostly cheap plastics, and the 107 is in line with the company’s reputation for producing value cars or budget vehicles.

Security and Safety

The 107 comes with the usual standard security features. Due to the inexpensive nature of the car additional security is not necessary. The car is a highly unlikely candidate for car theft.

The car comes standard with twin front and side airbags. The 107 also features ABS, EBD and Peugeot’s cornering stability control. The car comes with five, three-point safety belts and two Isofix child seat mounting points.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit consists of a radio/ CD player. The unit is mounted high up in the fascia, and its buttons are large and easy to use. The system is MP3 compatible and delivers good sound quality.

The exterior comes with several choices of colours. Bold colours are the most flattering on the little 107. The car’s interior is mostly made up of greys and blacks. The cabin material feels durable and should hold up well.


The 107 is very attractive and priced low, our favourite rival is the Toyota Aygo, though a second hand Toyota Aygo may be the answer if you have budgeted for the Peugeot 107. The colorful little car provides adequate space and comfort and is useful driving around town and in congested areas. The car provides adequate power and is very practical.