Toyota Yaris

The original Toyota Yaris was introduced in 1999, and since then it has been a very competitive choice among buyers in the supermini market. The newest generation has built on the strengths of the original and has focused on enhancing weaknesses.

The Yaris is a Toyota Automobile that has maintained a consistent body size and has avoided the temptation to enlarge the car’s exterior in order to offer a larger cabin. The company has done a terrific job of creating more cabin room while maintaining the car’s compact size. Through all of this the company has managed to increase the car’s boot size by 13 cm longer than the previous model.

The car’s styling has undergone a complete change. The changes were geared toward increasing usable cabin space. Some style has been sacrificed in order to maximize cabin space. Its original body design was one of the reasons that the Yaris was so popular.

Mechanically the Yaris has been enhanced with a 1.0-litre VVT-I three-cylinder petrol engine. Despite its small size it has a 67bhp output and is very peppy. It provides a good ride with even better fuel economy. The 1.4-litre D-4D diesel engine has also been improved, with increased horsepower torque.

Toyota claims that the new generation will hold even higher residual values than the previous generation Rav-4.


The Yaris’ initial purchase price is somewhat higher to that of its competitors, but the car offers an economical range of engines, and good reliability. The car also comes with a high level of security which should help to offset some costs. Servicing costs should be routine.

For such a compact car the Yaris provides good levels of passenger room including good head and legroom. The car’s rear seat slides, reclines, and folds for additional versatility. The car can provide additional cargo carrying capabilities when the rear seats are folded.

The car’s basic controls and dials are easy to use and functional. The green backlighting is not the best but the rest of the controls and displays are of pretty good feel and quality.

The Yaris has been designed for good levels of comfort. The car handles road imperfections well and provides a comfortable ride. Engine noise can get loud, but wind and road noise have been suppressed for the most part.

The car’s design provides excellent access for front and rear riding passsengers. The car’s boot is easily accessible as well. The Yaris is small but accessibility shouldn’t pose a problem for most passengers.

The Yaris is fairly simple to park. The car’s light steering helps even more when it comes to parking. The car’s odd shape can be difficult to judge sometimes but shouldn’t take long to master.

Life Style

The Yaris provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The smoothness of shifting will determine on the system you have. Manual mode provides smoother shifts, and the diesel engine provides good torque and acceleration. The diesel variant is noisier though and may bother some drivers.

This would make a decent family car. Interior space is good and could easily accommodate a smaller family. The boot offers good storage space, and the rear seats can fold down to accommodate even larger items.

The Yaris would make an excellent first car. The Yaris provides an easy driving style, loads of practicality, along with low running costs and reliability. The initial purchase price may prove to be a little too much for some first time buyers.

The Yaris is a well built mini. It boasts good build quality, good practicality, and decent style. The Yaris can’t compete with some of the more prestigious brands though and badge snobs will look elsewhere.

Toyota Yaris

Security and Safety

The car features standard safety features as well as an electric lock activation feature for the boot. The car’s doors have fully shielded locks.

The car comes equipped with ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, and T3 and T Spirit versions come with additional airbags including a driver’s knee bag.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a six-speaker CDplayer with MP3 and Windows Media Audio compatibility. A central display provides CD text where available and incorporates a simple sat- nav system. The unit’s sound quality is decent, and steering wheel mounted controls provide extra convenience.

The car’s cabin consists of light and dark materials. The dashboard is black, but the centre console boasts a touch of silver, and the door panels are trimmed in  light grey. The Yaris’ cabin gives an overall feel of quality.


The second generation Yaris provides modern class and style while providing better cabin space and all-round better value for the money. Need something a bit more affordable? Maybe a second hand Toyota Yaris is more appropriate for you. There is a slight lack of excitement in the driving experience but that won’t matter to many buyers.