From a used Clio to a new Jaguar

If you are reading this, or considering any kind of lease deal you are most likely already well aware of the benefits that come with leasing a car, however you might be completely ignorant to the whole topic. If I was to tell you could probably afford to drive the car of your dreams, in my case that’s the Jaguar XE Diesel Saloon 2.0d [180] R-Sport 4dr, would you believe me? Furthermore, you can get it as a brand new car! Let that sink in, it is a brand new version of the car of your dreams, and you can drive it!

My Renault Clio has done a job but I am starting to need something a little more spacious and In my situation, for the kind of car I want, I have two options; spend all of my money and have enough to buy a second hand motor that’s 3 or 4 years old for around 10 grand, or I could use that money on a 4 year Personal Car Lease Jaguar XE deal! It would cover the initial payment as well as a bulk of the monthly payments. If you haven’t immediately pictured yourself in the car of your dreams, and are still toying with the idea of getting a sensible used car, get off this page right now and never come back. It is the equivalent of paying 10k to have dinner with Katy Perry, or a night in a hotel room with Heather Trott. Sure you’re going to be paying an extra £330 a month for 4 years but you got Katy Perry, Heather isn’t even angry, he knows you made the best decision.

In this day and age nobody owns anything anyway, no one cares that I’ve got a personal contract hire Jaguar XE that means I’m poor in every other area of life, they will just see me zooming past and believe I’ve made a success of myself, when really, I can only afford the lease because I still live at my parents and they don’t charge rent! My sensible/dull mate Colin always says, “if you can’t afford to buy it, you probably can’t afford the insurance”, but what the hell does he know, he still wears Superdry, try chatting up a girl on a Friday night with your sensible lifestyle of living within your means, I’ll take my chances with the Jaguar. If you think she’ll be put off by the fact I don’t own it, I’ll just lie and tell her I do, or tell her it’s a Jaguar XE Business Car lease, that way she’ll think it’s a perk of the sick job I’m still trying to get.. If only you could lease a good job. Either way people will not catch me driving some beat up Renault anymore. No way, I’d sooner wear Superdry!

All you need to remember is a date with Katy Perry or Heather Trott…. Trott or Katy Perry…. If you aren’t committed to getting your equivalent to a contract hire Jaguar XE after the Katy Perry Heather Trott comparison then you are beyond saving…. Enjoy your night with Heather.